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Geneva Executive Partners passionately believes leadership is a privilege that demands regular attention and care.  We are proud to share that our firm is named after Geneva Colston, an incredible woman that has served as a leader in our community and of our family for over 70 years.


Raised in the South during the times of Segregation, Jim Crow and Sundown towns, Geneva was confronted with a world that did not accept her.  Despite these challenges and threats to her safety, she competed in women's basketball locally, regionally and nationally. Faith, integrity, resilience and perseverance honed Geneva into a reliable, caring and confident leader who always provides intelligent and sound guidance.

Fueled by her inspiration we take very seriously the opportunity to help leaders and organizations achieve their goals.  We believe the combination of our experience and her example give us a unique perspective and ability to help guide organizations and leaders towards an even more successful future.  

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